How to Get Your Boss To Send You To Conferences — Including Ours

The Her Campus College Marketing Summit, a half-day event for marketers looking for insight on connecting with the coveted Gen Z and millennial woman, is back again, and this year the event is hitting NYC and Boston. This is the event to get the exclusive lowdown on how to best reach this audience, with insight straight from the source in our unique, panel interviews with college women and influencers, as well as proprietary market research from Her Campus’s founders--so it’s no surprise tickets are going fast.

Most of us understand the importance of attending conferences within our fields. For some of us, it’s even built into our job responsibilities. If you don’t work for a company where you have a career advancement or training budget to join us in Boston March 7, or NYC April 17, here are some tips to persuade your boss to pay the way--including extending an invite for them to join you!

New data, new consumer

Her Campus Media is the global powerhouse behind this coveted, influential, and lucrative audience - college students. We live and breathe college women, what they like, how they interact with brands and where they spend their money. This is your unique chance to ask real college women and influencers honest questions in an intimate setting, getting personalized answers to bring back to work and become the champion of potential new market strategies.

IRL Networking

Not only does the College Marketing Summit give you a chance to interact with your target market, but also with industry professionals, driven C-suite leaders, innovators and maybe even potential new employees in your city. It’s an opportunity to get hands-on, interactive marketing experience outside the office and strengthen soft skills necessary for success in an industry hyper-focused on relationships.

This is no ordinary lecture: this is your moment to grab coffee with that person you have only met over email, bond with a coworker a bit more, or introduce yourself to someone new that can pave new opportunities not just for you, but for your company.

Be first, or be right….but how about being first and right?

One phrase commonly heard from journalists fighting to get a story out before their competition is the phrase, “It’s better to be right than to be first.” But what if you can be both? Gen Z is fickle. They are hooked on trends and quick to find them, and even quicker to change their minds. To master this market, you have to be on your A game. Seeking out an experience like the College Marketing Summit shows your boss you are forward-thinking, passionate and dedicated towards driving company success to help them become a market leader.

For You

You will surely walk away with a notebook full of never-before-shared original proprietary data and market research, presented by Her Campus's CEO & Editor-in-Chief. But more than that, you will feel empowered, more prepared and more in tune with your market. You’ll know where to find and how to approach micro-influencers, and the best way to really make a splash on campuses. We’ve had a decade of experience in this market, and it’s a demographic that knows, loves, and trusts us. Plus, it’s only in the morning, so you can join us for yummy breakfast and coffee and return to the office invigorated and excited and still manage to fit in a half day of work when you get back.

Check out our invites for your city, and identify the programming that will be most impactful for you or your team. Feel free to steal our talking points, or use them as #inspo to build your own presentation of why missing out on the College Marketing Summit wouldn’t just be disappointing, it would be a mistake.

Tickets and programming can be found here, and we can’t wait to see you soon.

The Her Campus Team