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Our Mission

College Women: Who We Serve

She’s independent but self-aware, supportive of her fellow girls but has a dash of rebellion, an achiever who also sometimes just wants to take a nap. She’s as interested in trying out a new face mask as she is in keeping up with feminist politics and celeb news. She longs to be better at #adulting but doesn’t take herself too seriously during this maddening, amazing, life-changing experience called college. She always laughs and sometimes cries at the drama in her life, supported by her BFFs every step of the way.

Her Campus: Who We Are to Her

We are her ultimate BFF and the go-to destination for all things college women. We provide her with everything from cutting-edge style tips, to advice on how to land a killer internship, to the latest news on the fight for reproductive justice. We're the big sister who’s gone through it all before and has the insider info she needs. We're the friend who's there to make her life easier while hitting her with the hard truths she may not want to hear, but are totally necessary. We encourage, inspire, and celebrate. We provide no judgment, just real talk. We help her build her armor to slay every day, and proudly help her find her way to the boss babe she is becoming.

Her Campus Media: Who We Are to Partners

We are your direct connection to this powerful audience and a one-stop-shop for all of your college marketing needs. With a network of 33MM+ monthly unique visitors, 370+ college chapters, 12K+ student contributors, and 3,300+ independent millennial and Gen Z micro-influencers, we are poised to channel your brand messaging to your target demographic in the most engaging, exciting and efficient way possible. Our 360° marketing solutions span digital, influencer, on-campus, experiential and research. Work with us to make an impact on-campus and beyond, and let our marketing team be an extension of yours.