Mandy Velez

Senior Social Media Editor, The Daily Beast

University of Pittsburgh ‘13

Former Campus Correspondent, Her Campus at Pitt

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Mandy Velez is a senior social media editor at The Daily Beast where she and her team eat, sleep and breathe all things Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She also assists in leading the newsroom's SEO efforts and moderating a Daily Beast Facebook group for binge-watchers called "The Binge"—plus many more aspects of audience growth. Before the Beast, she was a social and email editor at Google, associate editor at HuffPost, and co-founder of a millennial women website called Revelist. She also dabbles in investigative reporting relating to gender, social justice and mental health. You can find her byline at The Daily Beast, Refinery 29, Yahoo, Teen Vogue, The Washington Post's The Lily and more. She enjoys talking about paying off her student debt (ask her!), wearing lipstick and eating dessert—just not at the same time.