Berna Anat

Financial Hype Woman; Freelance Media Producer

University of Southern California ‘11

Former Founding Campus Correspondent, Her Campus at USC

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Berna Anat is a financial hype woman. That's her made-up way of saying: She's the creator of a financial literacy media series for young people that lives at @HeyBerna all over the Interwebz. Two years ago, she slayed her $50,000 debt, saved up to quit life, left her job at Instagram, and has been traveling the world as an entrepreneur trying to make money fun again ever since.

Her personal finance work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and Good Housekeeping, which is hilarious considering she still talks herself though the bunny ear method every time she ties her shoes.

Berna is also a first-generation Filipina American from the Bay Area, a lazy owner of a 3-C curl pattern, and is always willing to exchange budgeting advice for Broadway vocal lessons. (She's serious.)