The women behind Her Campus Media work every day to empower college women with the tools, passion, confidence and training they need to succeed, no matter what they dream of doing.

Here’s how we make that goal a reality.

We stay focused.

We've carved out a niche for ourselves with the female college audience where we can be the leader, and have continued to drill down here, rather than trying to cast too wide of a net.

We haven't put all our eggs in one basket.

We've stayed nimble and diversified from an audience and revenue perspective, with the common thread being our mission and brand rather than a seemingly promising platform or technology.

We've stayed scrappy.

We've continued to run the business lean and frugal, the same way we did in our very modest beginnings, being careful with every penny we spend, making sure there is real ROI for every line item in the budget, and applying a conservative, cost-effective mindset to our financial decisions.

We owe our success to a deliberate focus on what we feel is best for our brand and our audience, and we look forward to continuing to grow — with you at our side.


Our Core Values

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