Senior Manager of Being a Majestic Regal Queen

Bagheera is the first to occupy the key role of Senior Manager of Being a Majestic Regal Queen, a newly-created position crafted specifically for her unique capabilities. Before coming to Her Campus, Bagheera spent her time outdoors as a rescue dog from Arkansas, but she has adapted easily to suburban living and now enjoys spending her evenings on a faux fur blanket atop a leather couch. An expert negotiator, Bagheera will incessantly put her paw on you until you give her what she wants, which has resulted in a 100% YOY increase in time spent petting dogs at Her Campus. Though she is the sister of Chief Chewing Officer Yeti, Bagheera desires to make it clear that she received no special treatment in the interview process and earned her role at Her Campus entirely based on merit.