Rosanna Corrado

Coordinator, Integrated Marketing |


Rosanna is an Integrated Marketing Coordinator here at Her Campus. She graduated from Suffolk University majoring in Communications with a Broadcast Journalism concentration. She loves all things entertainment, pop culture and food related! Her drive to work hard, help others and uplift women is what motives her to bring her best to any task given to her.

Rosanna enjoys staying active, going on adventures, strives to get out of her comfort zone and loves celebrating all things Italian (she is originally from Italy). She has grown up loving dance and continues to dance and teach others as a Zumba instructor!

When she is not working, she can be found teaching Zumba, trying new foods/restaurants, aggressively using her hands to talk, going to concerts, dancing in Target aisles, meeting new people and chatting about pop culture events!

You can follow Rosanna on Instagram for more shenanigans, memes and lip singing videos!