Product & Operations

The web team at an off-site lunch

The web team at an off-site lunch

The product and operations team does a little of everything - from keeping the site running to conceptualizing products for the

We collaborate with every team at Her Campus to make constant steps toward better products and a better Her Campus Media. We work closely with our Community and Editorial teams to create a website that exceeds the expectations of our readers as well as our contributors. We also partner with our Business Development and Integrated Marketing teams to optimize our digital offerings and own all ad campaigns across all Her Campus Media properties.

The product and operations team is small, but has a diverse range of skill sets and professional backgrounds. Each of us brings a radically different perspective to the table, allowing us to stretch our creative and problem-solving muscles. 

Our team is constantly striving to be: 


No matter what the problem is, we’re always ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our favorite sentences are “What if we—” and “Have you tried—”. We’re the masters of thinking outside the box, and there’s nothing we love more than a good challenge. 


We’re often the first to welcome each new person to the team, and we’re always looking for ways to support each team member. Anything we can do to support a team member's goals is a win for us. We relish each opportunity to sharing our knowledge, skills, and ideas with the rest of the HC girl gang. 


We’re deeply data-driven, and seek to leverage that data to make high-impact decisions about the site as a whole. There's nothing we love more than a good spreadsheet.


We are thoughtful in everything we do. Even though we’re juggling a dozen things on any given day, we’re still thinking of how each task will ladder up to our broader team and company goals. We’re always thinking of next month, next quarter, and next year.

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We’re always on the lookout for multi-talented multi-taskers interested in joining the HC girl gang. Check out our internships and full-time positions!