Business Development

The team at Rosé Mansion!

The team at Rosé Mansion!

The Business Development team works with cutting-edge brands and agencies to build meaningful partnerships to reach Her Campus Media’s empowered college female audience through our integrated marketing solutions. We prospect, pitch, ideate, and close award-winning campaigns with leading global brands including Amazon, Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret, Merck, JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, Shiseido, NBCUniversal, L’Oreal, Ulta Beauty, and more.

Our close-knit team has a combined 100+ years of business development and sales experience with team members ranging from recent graduates to industry experts hailing from media companies including Meredith, Condé Nast, Hearst, Wall Street Journal, Vayner Media, Food52, AcuityAds/Visible Measures and more. Being a remote-friendly department, team members are based across the country including Boston at our HQ, New York City, Atlanta, and Greater Massachusetts. 

As a team, together we celebrate our differences in our experiences, locations, and interests. And together we also share a passion for creativity, advertising, and women’s empowerment. We cheer on one anothers’ wins, share one anothers’ learnings, root for and mentor one another, all with a common goal of growing revenues for Her Campus Media through our award-winning college marketing solutions.

Our Team

The Business Development team is supported by and collaborates closely with the Sales Leadership team, which consists of department leads across Sales Planning, Integrated Marketing, Partnerships and Sales. The Her Campus Sales Leadership team includes Katrina Campanale, Joanna Palumbo, Emily Shechtman, Bridget Weiler, and Windsor Western.

Hear it directly from our team: 

"We get to work with game-changing brands who have incredible stories to tell. I love being able to bring their stories to life across our network and beyond. Every partnership is uniquely collaborative and innovative. Our team gets to join forces with each advertiser, with a mutual commitment of building positive experiences." - Danielle K, Boston, MA

"As members of the Business Development team, we have the unique opportunity of being the industry-facing cheerleaders for this incredible brand. Our editorial platforms, marketing solutions, brand partnerships, internal team, and unparalleled quality audience continue to grow exponentially--making our jobs an absolute pleasure every day. It's a thrill to serve our advertising partners who are looking to invest in the next generation of women and deliver one-of-a-kind, meaningful results that showcase the measurable impact they've made. One of the best parts of being on this team is the reliable backing of leadership, environment of support, and passion that sets the tone for a group that roots each other on and begets greatness." - Jamie H., Atlanta, GA

“As a member of the Business Development team with a background in agency media planning and buying, one of the most exciting things about working for this team is helping brands solve a problem by sharing our vast offerings at such an exceptional value. We spend every day listening to our clients’ biggest challenges and it’s so thrilling to help them overcome them with our unique go-to-market solutions.” - Ridah M., New York, NY

Join the Team

We are growing the the Her Campus Business Development team! See our internship listings here and full-time positions here.  

Campus Marketing & Community

Our campus marketing and community team is the driving force behind Her Campus’s mission of mentoring the next generation of female leaders and cultivating an empowering, influential, on-the-ground presence at hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide through the Campus Chapter Network and our Campus Trendsetters program.

Our team is comprised of brilliant leaders who have a shared passion for feminism, mentorship, content creation and marketing, keen eyes for the ins-and-outs of college life and working with campus administrations, and years of experience managing communities with unparalleled retention rates.

We work with various departments to ensure everything we do provides the members of our communities the opportunity to gain hands-on experience that will help boost their already stellar resumés to the top of the pile from the day they step foot on campus through the day they receive their diploma (and beyond), whether it’s by launching a campus chapter and managing their own on-campus publication, participating in our ever-growing readers’ insights group or connecting with one of our clients through a brand ambassadorship.

We are a small but mighty team that oversees thousands of people, so we work fast without sacrificing the quality of our final product. We aim to not only achieve and exceed our own goals, but also equip our campus leaders to do the same. We strive to be:


The college women we work with and the Her Campus mission are first priority. Every task, project or idea we spend time on must bring value to the big picture and, most importantly, the communities serve.


From campus setting to student body and everything in between, each college campus is unique. Our team is constantly brainstorming fun, out-of-the-box ways to keep our communities active, growing and engaged in a fast-paced environment not only with us, but also with each other, their followers and with the brands we work with.


Feedback from our members and staying updated on the latest trends is fundamental to what we do. We remain solutions-oriented and are never afraid of change.


Join the team

Want to get involved on campus? Launch or join your Her Campus chapter here. All chapter contributors can earn internship credit. We also have our reader insights group, Campus Trendsetters (@campustrendsetters), for college students. More details on how to join here.

Additionally, we’re always looking for passionate campus leaders to apply for our national internships and occasionally expand our full-time team. See our intern listings here and our full-time opportunities here


The team repping Her Campus at a Creative Mornings event

The team repping Her Campus at a Creative Mornings event

As designers, we support Her Campus’s mission to empower college women everywhere by elevating our impactful content and initiatives with an aspirational aesthetic and our personal touch of design sparkle.

Our award-winning design team is comprised of designers of all experience levels and backgrounds who share a passion for feminism, peer-led design education, and pastel colors (we do have mixed feelings about dad jokes, though). We’re united under a set of core values — with the fitting acronym MAC CAFE, might we add:


We design across many mediums and push the boundaries where design intersects with other disciplines

Agile Resourcing

We run on daily design stand ups with thoughtful, flexible allocation of resources

Creativity Over Technicality

We believe talent and enthusiasm are more important than years of experience, and everyone brings something

Clean Files From The Inside Out

We start with clean file structure and organization, because these are the foundations of intentional design


We strive to take an ego-free, service-minded approach to our work so that everyone can win together

Feedback Loops

We collect feedback early on in concept development to clarify vision and achieve maximum efficiency


We aim for excellence in everything we do, stemming from a strong focus on continuous design education

Get To Know Us

Visit our new website, Her Campus x Design (coming soon!) to read our thoughts on design trends, inspiration, and get a behind-the-scenes look at our latest work.

Join the Team

We’re always hiring for passionate, creative Design Interns, and have full-time and freelance positions open from time to time.

Editorial & Social

A few of our team members in our HQ’s Fenway, Boston neighborhood

A few of our team members in our HQ’s Fenway, Boston neighborhood

The Editorial team at Her Campus understands college women better than anyone — how they care about their skincare routine as much as their future, and what’s the latest Starbucks menu news — which leads to the relatable yet impactful content on Our site is for and by college women, and our editors work with students across the U.S (and beyond) to create content ranging from beauty to culture, to style and politics.

The passionate Her Campus Editorial Team reaches millions of students every day, and in the process they oversee social channels, build partnerships, write and send newsletters, and talk to our audience to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing world of college women.

Here’s some content we’re especially proud of: Beauty for Black Girls, The Most Real: Sex, Wellness, and Bodies and College Women & Activism. In the last few years, we’ve crafted partnerships with publishers like Girlboss, Muslim Girl, New York Times Gender, Feminist Fight Club, Refinery29 and Well + Good, we continue to build unique and social-first content with the brands that matter most to our audience. We’re not afraid to try something new, and we know how to tap into our audience in new and exciting ways from collaborations with major meme accounts (you’re welcome for this laugh) to swapping skincare tips on IGTV.

Our small, but powerful, editorial team has worked with publishers like Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, SELF, House Beautiful, Teen Vogue, and, of course, Her Campus. We’re a remote-friendly department, with editors based all over (North Carolina, NYC, and more!) as well as out of our Boston HQ.

We work closely with each and every department to ensure that the Her Campus brand is consistent, and current. Between chatting with our audience on Instagram and digging into metrics, Her Campus editors know college women, and we work with the rest of the team to ensure our mission is reflected in each and every thing we do.

Along the way, we enjoy face masks, Taco Bell, and yes, iced coffee.

Get to Know Us

Visit and our Instagram channels -- @HerCampus, @HerCampusBeauty, @HerCampusStyle, @HerCampusFoodie, @HerConference -- to learn more about our brand, and what matters most to our audience.

Join the Team

We’re always on the search for engaged, creative and uniquely thoughtful social and editorial interns and have full-time positions open from time to time.  

Influencer Marketing and Community

The Influencer Marketing and Community team oversees anything and everything influencer-related at Her Campus Media. We work to grow and manage our robust community of millennial and Gen Z content creators - the InfluenceHer Collective - by discovering new influencers and planning fun benefits we can offer our members. 

Deeply integrated in the Her Campus team, the Influencer Marketing and Community team touches almost every other department. We collaborate with the Business Development and Integrated Marketing teams to put influencers in touch with their favorite brands, swap insights on community-building with the Campus Community department, and collaborate with the Social and Editorial teams to feature IHC members in Her Campus content. 

Our small but mighty team shares an appreciation for a good IG caption, the HC office dogs, and a motivational quote to get us through the day. 

Our team is:


On our team, the community we serve comes first. Whenever we're thinking of a new project or idea, we question if it will bring value to the people we work with.


The influencer space is constantly changing (there wasn't even a word for it a few years ago!), so we stay on our toes. We're constantly seeking new insights and adapting to trends as they arise.

Transparent and open-minded

We share information openly and encourage team members to share their thoughts and ideas to create a collaborative, open-minded environment.

Get To Know Us

Visit and @InfluenceHerCollective on Instagram to learn more about the influencer community we've built and how we collaborate with brand partners and the rest of the Her Campus team. Check out our team members on Instagram at @mshuffleton and @sophiahyliu.

Join the Team

Are you often scouring Instagram for new people to follow? Spend your free time watching beauty gurus on YouTube? Do you test out a new IG Story feature as soon as it hits? Then you may have the passion to kick off a career in the influencer space. 

We’re always hiring for sharp, creative interns and have full-time positions open from time to time. The only downside is that you won't be able to explain your job to your grandparents ;) 

Integrated Marketing

The team at our 2019 College Marketing Summit in Boston

The team at our 2019 College Marketing Summit in Boston

The Integrated Marketing team at Her Campus leads the charge in powering all of our client campaigns, bringing our clients’ vision to life and executing them flawlessly from start to finish. With our female GenZennials at the heart of every program we run, we can feel confident we’re resonating with our audience in a way that feels authentic both to Her Campus and our brand partners.

Our award-winning team is comprised of passionate, savvy marketers who have a wealth of experience running integrated campaigns for brands that span a diverse array of verticals relevant to college women including beauty, fashion, food, beverage, technology, education, pharma, travel, dorm/home/decor, fitness and wellness, news and entertainment, and more.

In this fun, fast paced environment, we keep the following principles in mind to ensure we’re always delivering our best work day-in and day-out.

Communication & Collaboration

Think of us as an extension to marketing teams! We work best when we’re transparent and openly collaborating with our clients around their challenges and goals. Together we come up winning solutions and partnerships that stand the test of time.

Out of the Box Thinking

We keep a constant pulse on the latest trends and hottest events so we’re bringing our clients the best and brightest ideas to help power their goals across our campaigns, whether digital, influencer, on-campus, or experiential.

Data and Insights-Driven Strategy

We keep data at the heart of what we do, making optimizations and recommendations throughout the lifespan of a campaign to ensure the strongest results possible.

Overall Awesomeness

We aim for excellence in everything we do, delivering award-winning campaigns for our clients (and having a lot of fun along the way).

Join the Team

We are always on the hunt for ambitious, go-getter interns to join our Integrated Marketing team! See our intern listings here. Interested in joining this all-star girl gang full-time? Check out our full-time positions here.  

Events & Marketing

The Events & Marketing department is a multidisciplinary team handling everything from Her Campus’s tentpole events to brand marketing, client partnerships and public relations. We are small, but we are mighty!

The Marketing team’s core focus is creating events that bring the digital Her Campus community to life. We give college women around the world space to network, jump-start their careers and prepare to take the world by storm.

Whatever excites you, whatever moves you - we want to bring it to you IRL.


Product & Operations

The web team at an off-site lunch

The web team at an off-site lunch

The product and operations team does a little of everything - from keeping the site running to conceptualizing products for the

We collaborate with every team at Her Campus to make constant steps toward better products and a better Her Campus Media. We work closely with our Community and Editorial teams to create a website that exceeds the expectations of our readers as well as our contributors. We also partner with our Business Development and Integrated Marketing teams to optimize our digital offerings and own all ad campaigns across all Her Campus Media properties.

The product and operations team is small, but has a diverse range of skill sets and professional backgrounds. Each of us brings a radically different perspective to the table, allowing us to stretch our creative and problem-solving muscles. 

Our team is constantly striving to be: 


No matter what the problem is, we’re always ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our favorite sentences are “What if we—” and “Have you tried—”. We’re the masters of thinking outside the box, and there’s nothing we love more than a good challenge. 


We’re often the first to welcome each new person to the team, and we’re always looking for ways to support each team member. Anything we can do to support a team member's goals is a win for us. We relish each opportunity to sharing our knowledge, skills, and ideas with the rest of the HC girl gang. 


We’re deeply data-driven, and seek to leverage that data to make high-impact decisions about the site as a whole. There's nothing we love more than a good spreadsheet.


We are thoughtful in everything we do. Even though we’re juggling a dozen things on any given day, we’re still thinking of how each task will ladder up to our broader team and company goals. We’re always thinking of next month, next quarter, and next year.

Join the team

We’re always on the lookout for multi-talented multi-taskers interested in joining the HC girl gang. Check out our internships and full-time positions!

Fur Campus

As the pups of Her Campus, we make it our mission every day to bring positivity and kisses to our coworkers. We know the importance of laughter, and we’re good at injecting it into the work day (like, super good at it). We love a quick game of fetch or a belly rub as much as the next dog, but we understand when it’s time to get down to business.

Our team is:


We join your meetings, offering our key insights at every point; we’re not afraid to let you know if we agree or not. Nobody knows better than we do when you need a snuggle or a selfie break, so we’ll go ahead and invite ourselves into your laps. And our jobs don’t end at 5pm - we are on the clock at every waking moment, whenever you need us.


We make the rounds multiple times a day, spending a fair amount of time with each and every one of our people while still making sure we’re getting the job done. Plus, we beat the vacuum to the crumbs 9 out of 10 times. 

Willing to learn

That one time we ate your spin socks? We’re really sorry about it, and we promise to try not to do it again.


Join the team

We love to make new friends! If you’re interested in working alongside our team, check out our internships and full-time positions!