Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Her Campus Media

Mission & Vision

At Her Campus, college women are everything. Even though women make up the majority of college student enrollment, we are not seeing that representation carry over to leadership positions across society. Our mission is to help change that by inspiring and empowering young women to find their voices and celebrate their identities. Our approach is to provide the supportive content and community women need to succeed in their college years and beyond. Our vision is to build a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community of contributors and staff, as well as company culture, so that we can more authentically and effectively achieve our company mission and its ideals.

Why do we care about equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)?

Beyond being the right thing to do, it’s crucial that Her Campus practices EDI values for a few reasons:

  1. It’s important to our audience. EDI is a key core value among our own audience, and our research shows that our younger, up-and-coming userbase over-indexes further on caring about these issues, and is overall more diverse and multicultural. In order to stay relevant, Her Campus must not only do our part, but be a leading example of living out EDI values through our content and company culture.

  2. It’s important to us. Having a staff that is diverse in different aspects of identity enables us to create better, more winning content, programming, and campaigns. As our team has become more diverse and embraced EDI values over time, we’ve seen our editorial and social content, event programming, and marketing programs all achieve higher levels of resonance, efficacy, and ROI.

  3. It’s important to our mission. Empowering women must mean empowering all women. Our mission is only fully realized when we can reach, serve, and celebrate all women, because all women deserve to read content that speaks authentically to them, see women who are like them portrayed in the media we produce, and, for our own staff, feel welcome and truly "at home" at Her Campus Media.


The following definitions are adapted from Google’s 2018 Diversity Annual Report.

  • Equity: Drive fairness within Her Campus Media's processes, as well as in our distribution of resources and opportunity.

  • Diversity: Endeavor to attract, develop, progress, and retain more underrepresented talent at all levels of Her Campus Media's workforce, reaching or exceeding the available talent pool. Diversity is measured on multiple dimensions, including race, culture, gender, sexuality, and more.

  • Inclusion: Ensure Her Campus Media is a workplace where every employee feels welcomed, respected, supported, valued, and heard. We seek to embrace diversity and create the conditions for everyone to thrive.

Core Commitment Areas

While the following points spell out our core commitment areas in broad strokes, we look to our EDI committee to help set and prioritize the roadmap for specific initiatives in these areas:

  • TRANSPARENCY: We will collect and publish data about our own company team composition and audience demographics to better understand and serve our employees and customers.

  • EQUITY: We will review and further standardize hiring, promotion, compensation, and other employment policies to ensure fair business practices in these areas for all employees.

  • DIVERSITY: We will work to build a workforce that reflects the diversity of our target audience by intentionally engaging with and recruiting from underrepresented communities, at both student contributor and employee levels.

  • INCLUSION: We will rigorously apply uncompromising standards of inclusivity to all content, events, and marketing campaigns we produce, operationalizing the implementation of these standards to our best ability. We will also continuously hold a magnifying glass to our own company practices and adjust accordingly to ensure all employees feel heard and at home at Her Campus Media.

Annie Wang