Female Millennials Prefer Workout Clothes to Jewelry This Holiday Season

Asking for an iPad for Christmas is so 2010.  This year's trailing millennials have their sights set on looking stylish AF—and with a padded wallet to boot. When it comes time to hit the malls (or the cyberworld) to gift that female millennial on your list, what’s a yay and what’s a nay? You don’t want your gift to turn into a re-gift.

HC's Election Day Survey Results: College Women Weren't Why Clinton Lost

On election day, we launched a survey to find out who our readers actually voted for, and why. While the results of the election came as a shock, college women unsurprisingly supported the candidate with better qualifications and a far better record on women’s rights. We surveyed more than 840 women, and their answers make it clear that while Clinton may have lost the election, it wasn’t because of this group.

This Effect of the Election on Millennials Comes as a Surprise

With an historic election upon us and an election cycle in which no one could have predicted the way the American people would respond to the candidates before them, significant attention has turned to one group—millennials. But as much as "adults" might think they understand the sentiments and motivations of this cohort, millennials, in fact, surprise you at nearly every turn. We conducted a series of surveys of thousands of trailing millennial women (age 18 - 24) over the past year that illuminate some surprising facts in the final days leading up to Election 2016.

What Matters to College Women in the 2016 Presidential Election

This month, we at Her Campus Media surveyed over 1,400 college women from all across the country to find out what matters to them in the 2016 presidential election. These women were about evenly split between public and private schools. A quarter of our respondents were people of color, and 22 percent were first generation college students. We wanted to know which candidates were capturing the attention of our readers, which issues would affect their vote, and where they fell on the political spectrum.